Saturday, April 15, 2017

Good-bye, Hello

A New Thing

Having a new home is an exciting and wonderful experience. Being able to live life on one level is a dream come true and I love our spacious, open floor plan. No more going upstairs to bed, or down stairs to do laundry. Yes, there is a finished, walk-out basement,  but I am not required to go there on  a daily basis. Only when I feel like it.  On the other hand, there are things I will miss about Woodward.  It is never easy to say good-bye to long time friends and good neighbors, but it is not as if we are moving to the other side of the world - or even the other side of the state. When the dust settles a little, I hope I will still be getting together with my painting partner Avis now and then.  No matter how tough or chaotic life becomes, painting and good fellowship always makes it better

I will miss my studio squirrel friend. He lives in the large tree outside my window and has become the subject of many drawings and paintings. He is also very good company and something of a comedian, often providing a much needed break from very intense work.

"Tiger Cat on A Red Chair," Pastel

Another furry friend,  the neighborhood cat, Maow.  I am sure he goes by other names aw well, but when I asked him "What is your name?" he said, "Maow,"  so that is how I always address him, and he always answers. He has become quite adept at squeezing through the door whenever it is opened, even just a crack.  I will miss him, but he has a home of his own, so he is OK. Not homeless, just sociable.

It hasn't been easy to leave our studio - so many good memories! But, I am also excited about setting up new creative spaces in our new home.  For our studio/office we chose the largest of the two guest bedrooms on the main floor. I felt a little guilty about this at first until we compared the number of days we expect to have overnight guests to the amount of time I will spend in the studio. No contest. If we ever decide to open a bed and breakfast (NOT on my bucket list. BTW) that might change, but for now this is the new Creative Spirit Studios. Of course it will require a few alterations. The carpet must go. Pencil and colored pencil artists and some who work in collage or acrylic may be trusted to work in a carpeted room, but I don't even want to try, especially not with pastel.  It has a mind of its own and a life of its own. Sometimes all I can do is get out of its way and watch it fly. Right now this does not look like much of a studio,  but imagine it with hardwood laminate flooring,  drawing tables, easels and special lighting.  It will take a while - two weeks just to have the flooring installed; the rest will follow in its own good time. I am learning a lot of patience with this move, especially with myself.  More photos will come.

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