Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Blue Jay Dining Out

Blue Jay
Dining Out 

 What grass is visible has turned a dull brown, the last flower faded months ago, and the sky is gray for days at a time. We call it "winter." The white snow is pretty at first, but a little color would be nice for a change. So God made the blue jay and sent him into my backyard. So what if he has a reputation for argumentative and a few bad habits? There is no denying he is graceful and beautiful. That is all he needs to be, that is his calling in life and he fulfills it well. He is always a welcome sight to me. He reminds me of the color of the sky when it isn't gray and the bright pretty flowers in my garden.

The beautiful blending of blues and soft, subtle grays inspired me to paint him. I wanted to keep the background simple and somewhat neutral in color to contrast with those bright feathers. I love his expression, which is bright and perky, but seems to say, "This is my spot and I have a right to be here." My thanks to my husband Larry who provided most of the resource photos.  The birds don't have enough patience to do any posing for portraits.

This pastel is no longer available for sale. It was purchased by a fellow artist and birdwatcher, who is also an art teacher for fourth and fifth grade students.  I love hearing from other artists and feel honored that she chose to buy my little jay bird.

Thanks for reading. Here's hoping you all have a colorful day. Spring is coming!