Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wolf in Wolf's Clothing

Wolf in Wolf's Clothing

Taking a little break from commissions and portraits to do something different. Painting wildlife is a way of escape for me. It takes me away from the ordinary ups and downs of everyday living into another world, where for a while at least I can experience life from the viewpoint of another creature.  For centuries the wolf has been the subject of stories and folklore. He is  worshipped by some, hated by others and respected by a few. In truth, he neither god nor devil, but simply the wild animal he was created to be. He lives in a community for protection and companionship and hunts for food to survive.  Not really so different from us...

I chose to paint this guy looking a little scruffy because he lives in the wild and doesn't brush his hair. He probably doesn't even bathe regularly, so he won't look as well groomed as a contestant in a dog show.  Yet in his own way, he too is beautiful.  The pastel is on Uart sanded pastel paper, a new surface for me, though actually it has been around for quite a while. I love the surface - enough texture to hold on to the softest of pastels, but fine enough for detail work.  It is never too late to try something new.

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martinealison said...


Je suis très heureuse de découvrir ce très beau pastel avec ce loup. J'aime le côté sauvage de cet animal.
Vous avez merveilleusement bien travaillé le poil, son rendu et ses belles nuances de couleurs.
Son regard est profond et doux... Il semble solitaire et paisible.

Gros bisous ✿❀✿

Anonymous said...

This is marvelous, Della. This must be the one that recently sold that L.D. mentioned on his blog.
At the home we shared with mother, a fox would return each spring to have babies. Her hair was always a little ruffled and she looked a little dirty. I fell in love with the babies and would watch them thru binoculars!

carolann said...

Della I live where there is wild life
what you have painted. We have a
tourist attraction of wolves.
Your wild life painting is awesome.

People from all over the world come to view them where I live.

I have wolves walk down the lane, deer and bears, Mose.

Matter of fact. The Canadian magazine has it displayed of the wolves. In most grocery stores where the books are when you go to the cashier. Like Independent store and perhaps other grocery stores. Where I live in known for crafters and painters like your self and hubby. We also have an art University.