Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Josh and Joey

This is a portrait commissioned by a woman as a gift to her daughter, the mother of the two boys.  Children's portraits are always a delight to do. I did a few of my own kids as they were growing up, but of course they weren't really appreciated by the kids themselves. Still, I felt it important to keep my own artistic record of their lives. They grew up so fast. The last portraits were done about the time of high school graduation and they  both preferred photos. But I have discovered that portraits are most often made not for the subjects themselves but for the people who love them. There is something about the human touch and the expression of the soul inside the likeness that really speaks to their loved ones, and I am always working for that.

Portraits from photos of both pets and people are available.  I am pretty much booked up right now, but feel free to email me for information.