Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lavender Blue and White Iris

Lavender Blue

The spring flowers bloomed a little later this year because of the very wet spring and an unexpected snowstorm in May. And I have been busy with commissioned portraits so my spring flower paintings are even later. But the greatest thing about flower paintings is that they never wilt, they just keep on blooming and we can relive the early days of spring all day long.

The iris is a most welcome early sign of spring to me. After a long, hard winter - and any winter in Iowa is long and hard, no matter how short and gentle may seem - anything with green foliage and bright color is a welcome sight. Of course we have the really early harbingers of the new season -  the hyacinth, tulips and daffodils -  but there is something mind blowing about seeing this gorgeous, exotic plant coming up out of the ground. They are regal and majestic and every bit as beautiful to me as orchids. They take me back to some of the happier times of my childhood. My mother loved iris. they were easy to care for and quite prolific, so there were always plenty around. Of course back then all we had were the purple and yellow varieties, and sometimes those that were a strange sort of mixture of the two. Most of them were small, some were downright tiny, but they produced a lot of joy for very little money. Usually they came from friends or were traded with others so no money changed hands at all.  Now they are available in every color imaginable - well, they may have been available then, but not affordable, at least not for us.  Every year I gaze with astonishment at the glorious array of pink, maroon, peach, blue, purple, white and yes, even black ones that suddenly appear in the garden. I think of Mom again and hope that there are flowers in heaven for her to enjoy along the way.  If there hadn't been, I imagine she has planted more than a few gardens by now.

This painting is acrylic on canvas, 8 x 10 and is available through my gallery, The Creative Spirit Gallery.