Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wolf Wildlife Acrylic Painting

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Wolf. The word evokes feelings of both terror and fascination. All sorts of human behavior has been attributed to this animal. We hear of the lone wolf, the wolf in sheep's clothing, the  infamous wolf whistle and the wolf at the door. Be careful of the wolf pack, and don't let anyone throw you to the wolves.  And of course the wolf is legendary not only for his spine tingling howl but for his relentless pursuit of the ladies.  Yet in spite of all his fame we really don't know much about him and it may be  that very lack of understanding which serves to perpetuate his myth. In truth, he isn't that much different from other animals. His focus is survival, which includes he search for food and protection from harm. Like many of us he is a carnivore, but  while humans will often purchase their meat from stores, he has to hunt his own.  Unfortunately the wolf can not recognize any difference between an elk and a domestic cow or sheep. Neither does he understand the concept of a loving pet yet he is believed to be the ancestor of our domesticated dogs. We have all seen similarities both in the appearance and behaviors of wolves and dogs. But in some ways they also resemble us. Wolves run in packs which might be said are similar to human families. They hunt, live and eat together just like a family, they work and even play together and they protect each other. Who is to say whether or not the bonds that hold them might be something akin to love?  I do not know and I don't believe anyone else really knows for sure, but I do know that he is a beautiful and breath taking animal, as are all of God's creatures, and he might have something to teach us if we would only listen.

This is an acrylic painting on stretched canvas 11 x 14.  It and other paintings are available through The Creative Spirit Gallery, my online gallery.  Click on the link to visit.

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