Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Family Portrait Graphite Drawing Commission

"Family isn't the most important thing. Family is everything."  Michael J. Fox

This is one of my favorite family group commissions. The photos, taken during the 1940's, fascinated me not only because of the era they portrayed, but also because of the beauty and vibrancy of the four young sisters. There is one sister still living who commissioned the portraits.  She asked me to copy a special poem titled "Sisters" in the center of the drawing.  It always blesses me to be able to create something that touches the heart and brings comfort to someone.  The two framed drawings are the parents, and the drawing of the four sisters had not yet been framed when this photo was taken. This is an informal snapshot and you can probably make out some of our framing tools in the background.

Webster defines family as "a group of people related to one another by blood or marriage,"or "a group consisting of parents and children living together in the same household." Although those words may attempt to define it, they do not begin to describe the magnificent, astonishing, and oftentimes volatile experience of living in a family group.  It is God's gift to humankind, and, like many of God's gifts, "family" is a growing experience.  As families are imperfect and, as they are made up of imperfect people, they are the perfect training ground for living in an imperfect world. There are times when we are the best of friends, other times we wonder what God was thinking when He put us all together.  We eventually grow up and some of us marry and begin the process all over again with families of our own.  Family ties are not static; they shift around to make room for more bonds - spouses, children, grandchildren but, whether we like it or not, they never completely disappear.  And that is the just the way God planned it. Because, as everyone who watches retro television knows, Father Knows Best - Our Heavenly Father, that is.
And Michael J. Fox is probably right!

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martinealison said...

A chaque fois, il n'est pas aisé de vous laisser un commentaire car la fenêtre ne veut pas s'ouvrir. Il faut refermer votre page et faire un retour en arrière...

J'ai beaucoup aimé votre article concernant ces photos anciennes. Parfois en faisant des brocantes, mon regard se porte sur ce genre de portraits... C'est à la fois fascinant et étrange comme émotion pour moi. Etrange, car je me dis, à cette époque ces gens-là auraient-ils songé que leurs photos se retrouveraient parmi les objets du passé et vendu comme tels?!...

Gros bisous et merci pour ce partage.