Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Simple Pleasures Cat on a Red Cushion

Simple Pleasures
My Favorite Chair
Pastel, 8 x 9

We can learn a lot from our pets, things like unconditional love, living in the moment, and refusing to let anything keep you from enjoying life.  One of the most important lessons they can teach us is the value of simple pleasures.  A favorite chair, snoozing in the sun, food when they are hungry, a spool of thread or a ball of yarn to bat around. I have seen cats entertain themselves for hours with nothing but their own shadows to chase.  In the overall scheme of things what really adds to the quality of life. Newer toys, more impressive cars, designer clothes,  a bigger house?  Is that what is meant by quality of life?  Sometimes those things only distract us from the real business of living and add even more stress to our lives.  Our pets have it figured out - as long as they have someone who loves and needs them, something to to with their lives, enough to eat and a favorite place to hang out, life is good.  This week I saw some photos of our grown son going sledding.  His dogs were also in the pictures and it was really hard to tell who was having more fun. I don't think they did any actual sledding themselves, though they might have, but really mattered to them was that they were outside enjoying the fresh air,  running in the snow and spending time with people they loved.  Now that is really living!

This pastel is matted to a standard 12 x 16 inch size for easier framing. It has been listed on Daily Painters, The Chisholm Trail Art, and Art Helping Animals and is available through my shop Art By Della Burgus in the Zibbet  Online Art Gallery

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L. D. Burgus said...

Great story. I bet your son tried to get a least one dog on the sled to go down with him.