Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Pug Named Lily Commissioned Dog Portrait

Commissioned Pastel Portrait
8 x 10

Some faces are just irresistible.  I have done several pug portraits and, while they are individuals with their own special characteristics, they all seem to have this same soulful expression that makes you want to pick them up and cuddle them.  I love everything about her, especially her name.  Doesn't she look just like a "Lily?"  This portrait was commissioned by a special lady who had both her grandpuppies' portraits done for Christmas.  The other is the Yorkshire Terrier which appears in a previous post.  We also have grandpuppies.  Even though they live very far away, we enjoy lots of photos and this year even received a calendar filled with their pictures, What fun!

Painting portraits of different breeds and mixes of dogs is a great way for me to get to know them. Their eyes speak volumes to me and they teach me a lot, not only about dogs but about life and love.  They seem to know things intuitively that would take us several lifetimes to learn. They are a tremendous source of love and affection, they teach you trust and forgiveness and they make you laugh, even when there is little to laugh about.  Of course, I would love to have one of each breed, but for me this is the next best thing.

I hope your new year is filled with love and laughter - and if there is not enough of that in your life,  find yourself a canine friend.   If you can't adopt one yourself right now, make friends with a grandpuppy or a  friend's dog.  Your life will take on new meaning.   I know mine has.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Yorkshire Terrier Portrait

Pastel Portrait Commission
8 x 10

This is another of my Christmas portrait commissions and I think one of the cutest.  Of course I say that about all of them because each is adorable in its own way.  This is Lady and she certainly looks like a sweet little lady.  I think the Yorkie is a most delightful breed.  They are full of energy, highly intelligent, friendly and very happy.  Just seeing one makes me smile.  And this little Lady has a beautiful smile of her own.  

I hope you have a smile today, because in spite of everything horrible and frightening that has been happening, it is still a beautiful world full of wonderful things.   If you don't have a smile of your own, maybe you can borrow one from someone else - someone like Lady.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jesus and May God Bless All, Everyone...

Today many Christians worldwide celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Though we may ignore and dishonor Him,  He is still the reason for the holiday that bears His name, even though the phrase "Happy Holidays," is currently more acceptable.

No matter what it is called, the day still belongs to Him.  Commercialism won't destroy it, paganism can't sully it -  ignore it if you want, but it won't go away. Whether we have been naughty or nice, whether we do random acts of kindness or pointed acts of selfishness, the fact is that God sent His Son to earth to seek and save that which was lost.  And that includes you and me as well as everybody else who has ever lived.  During the Christmas Eve service at our church the pastor made a somewhat startling statement: "On July 30, 1969 man walked on the moon for the first time and that was a big deal. Over two thousand years ago God came to live on this earth and that was a very big deal.  Because he came not to intimidate us but to set us free."  

Yes, let us celebrate this "very big deal."

The message of Christmas is love,  the love God has for us and the love He desires us to have for Him and for each other.  We will never understand the price He paid to set us free.  So, when someone wishes you Merry Christmas,  what he or she is really saying is "God loves you, and so do I."

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Gold

Glamor Blaze

Hunter Blaze

These two pastel portraits were commissioned as early Christmas presents.  

Three Dogs of Christmas


Thought I would share with you some of the things that have been keeping me busy the past few weeks.  This handsome fellow is named Brown.  His family celebrated Christmas early this year so I am able to share this portrait now.  I fell in love with this guy while doing the painting.  He looks like a sweet, gentle soul and I love his expression.

The reason for the early celebration is a young man who belongs to this pretty lady. Her name is Blaze. She has two portraits, this first one  I call "Hunter Blaze," because the picture came from a photo of her on a hunting trip with her young man.  He is currently serving our country in the military and was able to come home for Christmas in November.  Isn't that great?  I once heard the Golden Retriever described as a dog who thinks that  "Every day is a party and that he/she is the guest of honor." Don't you just love Golden Retrievers?  So full of life and spirit - and they just ooze joy. 

Hunter Blaze

The second portrait of Blaze shows her other side,  the feminine, flirty girl, the one who likes to chase tennis balls and tug on toys.  I call this painting "Glamor Blaze,"  because it looks like one of those celebrity photos or "glamor shots" that were popular a few years ago.  She seems to be saying, "Aren't I just the prettiest girl you ever saw?"

Glamor Blaze

It is now by my count twelve days until Christmas and I have lots left to do.  So many dogs, so little time.  When the portraits are finished, I still have shopping and wrapping to do, trees to decorate and a pie or two to bake. Love this time of year,  it is always touch and go, but somehow I do get it all done. I hope...