Tuesday, September 11, 2012

There She Stands

 In Memory ~ 9/11/01

None of us will ever forget where we were and what we are doing when we first heard the news of the atrocity, the devastation that will forever be remembered as 9/11.  We remember the disbelief, the horror as events unfolded before our eyes, but we also remember the sacrifices, the acts of courage and compassion as Americans were drawn together with a common purpose.

We will all carry with us images that touched us in some special way.  For me it was the sight of the firefighters standing in the midst of the rubble raising the flag and President Bush standing on a burned out fire truck using a megaphone to address the first responders at ground zero.  And I will always remember the words of Todd Beamer which so profoundly expressed the unrelenting American spirit: "Let's roll!"

There She Stands


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L. D. Burgus said...

It was good to here Michael W. sing it again. Great post.