Monday, July 30, 2012

Red Fox Pastel by Della Burgus

Little Red Fox
Pastel on Colorfix Suede paper
9 x 12

Every now and then I get a glimpse of one of these guys running across a field or by the river and they look dazzling, especially in the winter snow. but most of my "sightings" are in zoos and in state or national parks.  Years ago Larry and I took yearly painting trips, usually to Minnesota, sometimes to Colorado.  Once we traveled Highway 61 all the way up into Canada and I was blessed with the sight of a very small red fox sitting by the side of the road in one of the beautiful parks there. He seemed to be quite comfortable with tourists and I gathered from his forlorn expression that he had learned that looking hungry and  begging for food from strangers was more satisfying than trying to find it for yourself. Although it would have been lovely to bring him home with me, I was reasonably  certain he would not be welcomed in my small town and even though this was before 9/11 I doubted there would be any way to get him over the border.  So I took a few photos and later did a painting of him - well, actually two of him - sitting by a tree trunk. On the theory that the only thing cuter than a baby fox was two baby foxes.  It was purchased by a woman in Minnesota for her child's room.  But those stories don't happen very often.  The model for the red fox pictured here was in a zoo, but he was still just as beautiful.

I did this pastel both as a finished portrait of one of my favorite animals and as a study for a larger wildlife painting. It is still in the planning stages and I am not sure yet if this pose will be in the final painting but I like his face.

"Little Red Fox"  will be posted on Daily Painters, Art Helping Animals and Chisholm Trail Art this week and on my website and Zatista shop whenever I get it done.  You know me, I like blogging but as far as computer work goes - well, I would rather be painting...

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