Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Dinner Plate Hibiscus

Oil on gallery wrapped canvas
12 x  12
1.5 inches deep

The newest in my series of garden flower portraits is called a "Dinner Plate Hibiscus," because it is supposed to be the size of a dinner plate,  though I am sure that eating all the food on something so big would make me gain weight!  The hibiscus is often considered a tropical plant, but this one is a hardy variety that does very well in my part of the country.  It usually blooms around the middle of August and it is well worth the wait. With its oversize, vibrantly colored  blooms the hibiscus could have been the centerpiece flower in the Garden of Eden. Seeing it takes my breath away. What is such a lush exotic plant doing in my garden?

I have always loved flowers and have painted them many times over the years, but this series is new and a little different.  Each painting is in oil on gallery wrapped canvas,  either 12 x 12  or 12 x 16 inches in size and extra deep  - 1.5 inches.  No staples show on the sides and the edges are part of the painting, so no frame is needed.  It is a contemporary look that would also feel right at  home in a traditional setting, small enough to be displayed in a grouping, but large enough to hang alone.  All   but one have come from my garden.  The White Rose came from a floral shop and was in a Valentine bouquet from my husband!  There is something delicious about getting  right up into a flower to take in all its incredible beauty and detail.  It completely  fascinates me.  The response has been tremendously encouraging and I plan to keep painting them for a while.  I can't imagine either running out of flowers or growing tired of painting them.

We are coming out of several days of rain, though no severe storms this time around.  The bright red flower makes me think of the warm summer days ahead.  Maybe we might even see the sun today.  The weather man says so, but I am having a little trouble trusting him....

Have a great day! 

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martinealison said...

Je viens perdre agréablement mon regard dans le coeur de cette magnifique fleur... et je suis éblouie.
gros bisous