Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sheltie, Shih Tzu and Schnauzer

Shetland Sheepdog
"Gentle Guardian"
Pastel, 9 x 11 

Shelties are among the sweetest, most empathetic of dogs.   Perhaps it is their herding instinct that also makes them highly intuitive, I don't know for sure, but they sense when someone is hurting and needs comforting, they are protective and very tender toward children. At least that is true of those whom I have met.  Most herding dogs may have similar traits.  I know that our dog Barnabas,  a Border Collie mix,  though a "wild child" in many ways absolutely loves children and seems to be able to read my mind.

At Christmas time, I am always busy with commissioned work - portraits of both humans and animals.  Here are a couple of doggie portraits I did for the holidays.  A cute little Shih tzu and a handsome Schnauzer.  I love doing portraits of people's pets,  it is heartwarming to see how much they are loved and give love in return.   Even after they are gone, the love goes on forever...

Have a great day and don't forget to hug your pet.   If you don't have one, hug the  pet of some kind soul who doesn't mind sharing the love.

Shih Tzu