Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Wildlife Art African Lion Print

The King
8 x 10
art print from my original pastel painting

I love cats - those who live in houses and those who live in the jungle or forest.  Even with all their differences, it is obvious that they belong to the same family.  If you look closely, you can see the lion in the kitten, and the kitten in the lion.  They purr, they pounce, they play, they stalk.  I read somewhere that God created the cat so that man might enjoy the pleasure of petting a lion.  But of all the majestic cats, large and small, there is only one called "King." 

Despite its ferocity,  the lion seems to be a favorite character in stories and songs.  Usually he is softened a bit in order to help us cope with him.  I loved the Narnia series, the books and the movies, in which the lion Aslan was a character both loved and feared, who many believe was meant to represent Jesus. It was a wonderful adventure as well as a sort of parable.  Near the end of the movie, as Aslan walks off into the sunset,  Tumnus the faun tells young Lucy,  "He isn't a tame lion, you know."   May that be said of all of us...

My favorite lion song is of course, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, also known as Wimoweh.  This particular version from the movie, the Lion King is just for fun, although that story could also be called a parable about coming of age and accepting responsibility...

To introduce you to my new print shop page, I am offering "The King," and other requested reproductions at a special  price.  These reproductions are printed on fine, acid free art paper and are subjected to scrupulous instruction - the artist herself (that would be me!)   During this difficult economy, it is a perfect opportunity to own artwork, without paying the price of an original.  And they make great gifts.

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martinealison said...

Tout comme vous je suis une amoureuse des fauves... et des chats bien évidemment.
Votre "roi"lion est absolument majestueux! et je lui tire ma révérence. Je vous envoie un gros bisou.

dellartist said...

Thanks so much!

Vernita Bridges Hoyt said...

Good morning, Della! Love your blog this morning. The big cats are so beautiful. So is your painting of the king. Have a great day!

dellartist said...

thanks Vernita, good to hear from you.