Saturday, December 03, 2011

Kitty Cat Sleeping Kitten Art Print

Sweet Dreams
Art Print
7 x 9
Anyone who has ever shared their life with a cat will attest to the notion that kittens are a study in extremes.   During any ten-minute period, they can be seen racing through the house with paws barely touching the floor,  climbing the walls and curtains, stalking some dangerous but completely invisible prey,  purring quietly on a lap and sleeping like an angel on whatever bedding may be available.  Then the cycle begins all over again.  And they are alternately described as "angelic" and "little devils," sometimes in the same breath.  Life with a kitten is never boring. They can be great companions but they are not dogs, (who by the way I also love) they do not think the way dogs think and they will never behave as dogs. Their unpredictability is part of their charm, and one of the reasons that we cat-lovers find them so absolutely irresistible.  And,  like all of God's creatures, they are beautiful and our respect and care as they fill their own special place in creation.

To introduce you to my new print shop page, I am offering this, and other requested reproductions at a special  price.  These reproductions are printed on fine, acid free art paper and are subjected to scrupulous instruction - the artist herself (that would be me!)   During this difficult economy, it is a perfect opportunity to own artwork, without paying the price of an original.  And they make great gifts.

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martinealison said...

Un petit chaton si adorable... Vous n'avez non seulement dessiné mais vous avez reproduit son âme pur et insouciant...
Beau travail.
gros bisous

dellartist said...

Thank you so very much!