Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Giant Panda Wildlife Art Print

Giant Panda
Art Print 10 x 10

I love his happy face, his roly-poly body, his soft black and white outfit, his cute little ears.  I really can't think of anything about him not to like.  For the most part he is what you would call laid back, not aggressive, noncompetitive and non demanding. All he asks is a nice quiet rain forest and some bamboo to munch. Admittedly he isn't much of a "go-getter." He has not invented the wheel,  high speed computers or a cure for the common cold, though in his defense, he has no need for any of those things.  On the other hand, neither did he invent the atomic bomb, network TV or high heel shoes.  So at least his lack of ambition has done no harm.  It is true, I have read that pandas have been known to attack humans, but only when they are irritated by them.  Yes, well, I don't hold that against them, as I myself have had similar feelings.  All in all, this is one I would like to claim as a friend.

To introduce you to my new print shop page, I am offering "Giant Panda" and other requested reproductions at a special  price.  These reproductions are printed on fine, acid free art paper and are subjected to scrupulous inspection by the artist herself -  (that would be me!)   During this difficult economy, it is a perfect opportunity to own artwork, without paying the price of an original.  And they make great gifts.

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martinealison said...

Votre panda ma fait craquer... J'avais ressenti beaucoup de bonheur en peignant un panda dans une de mes toiles.
Je trouve cet animal si majestueux et fascinant... Il paraît fragile et puissant à la fois.
Je vous félicite pour cette oeuvre magnifique.
Gros bisous et joyeuses fêtes.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful Della - amazing work!