Friday, October 07, 2011

A Flower Called "Glad"

Acrylic on gesso board
11 x 14

My mom called them "Glads," and they were one of her favorite flowers.  Their scientific name is gladiolus, from the Latin, gladius, "a sword,"  and it is sometimes known as a  "sword-lily."  Somewhere back in history, someone must have decided those long, slender stalks look like swords, but I sure don't see it. They do make me feel happy, however,  so the nickname "Glads" seems much more appropriate.  Flowers may not seem important but think how much they enhance our lives.  They cheer us when we are sad, add to our joy when we celebrate.  They are an expression of love, of sympathy, of friendship and their language is universal.  They are the art from the hand of God Himself and I can do nothing except stand and applaud.  "Bravissimo!"  (that is for the flower, not the painting)
 This painting has been listed on Daily Painters, Art Helping Animals, and Chisholm Trail Art, and is available through my Etsy Shop.

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