Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wildlife Art Arctic White Wolf

White Wolf
Pastel, 9 x 12

Of course, I did not make a trip to the North Pole to see this guy.   Well, yes, I know they don't actually live at the North Pole but in Canada and Alaska and whatever other country is up there.  This one was in a zoo,  and I imagined the snow as a fitting background for him.  Somehow a white wolf surrounded by trees and green grass just doesn't do it for me.  I hope this hasn't taken away from the mystery of the piece.  He does look at home in a snowbank, doesn't he?   Actually there was a dog living next door to us for a while whose people called him a wolf but I was never quite sure.  He might have been a mixture.  But, oh my, what an amazing howl he had! And he was gorgeous!  Anyway,  though at this point I wouldn't be prepared to encounter one in the wild, I  appreciate their beauty and enjoy them from afar.  Very far.

This is a pastel painting on board.  The image size is 9 x 12 and it is matted to a standard frame size.
It is available through Art Helping Animals and Daily Painters.  And it will also be listed on Chisholm Trail Art, though I am almost certain none of the cowboys saw one of them while driving their cattle along the trail. 


martinealison said...

Un superbe pastel... Quel regard profond il a votre loup blanc... Un magnifique travail dans le pelage aussi.
gros bisous

dellartist said...

Thank you so much, Martine!

Irene Georgopoulou said...

Beautiful work!

Irene Georgopoulou said...

Wonderful pastels :-)