Sunday, March 06, 2011

White Bunnies and Kitties

 This cute little bunny is a snowshoe hare, a wild rabbit that turns white to match the snow in the winter and brown so it can hide in the bushes in the summer.  Isn't that amazing?  A very dear friend told me last week that she was so overwhelmed to discover the number of animal species there are in the world that she went around asking everyone how many animals they could name.  Most of us know only a few hundred, but the actual number is somewhere in the millions, I think.  I can't remember the exact number, but it is mind blowing.  It makes me a little sad to realize that I will never know most of them, will probably see only a few in my lifetime.  God put all these wonders on the earth for us to enjoy and we completely fail to appreciate so much of  His wonderful work.

This painting is in pastel, 6 x 8.5 inches, and may be purchased through Art Helping Animals.

         This acrylic painting of a white Persian Cat has already found a new home.  I love painting cats, and Persians are an especially fascinating and popular breed. I love their soft, silky fur, sweet gentle dispositions and elegant grace.


martinealison said...

Ils sont aussi adorables l'un que l'autre... Votre minou a une très belle expression. Beau travail, bravo!

dellartist said...

Thanks so much!

Doowmée said...

I love them !