Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Animal Wildlife Red Fox in the Snow by Della Burgus

A red fox stops for a drink of icy cold water.  This is one of my favorite wild animals to paint. They  are incredibly beautiful, especially in winter landscapes.  There is something about that gorgeous red fur that just stands out against the pure white snow.  Of course I know that they are not universally loved.  We have all heard the phrase, "a fox in the henhouse," and I am certain they deserve that somewhat less than stellar reputation, but when they are in the wild, where they were meant to be, they are amazingly wonderful creatures.  Like all of us, they tend to get into trouble when they wander too far from home and go places that they aren't supposed to go.

This painting is an acrylic on stretched, wrapped canvas 12 x 16, all edges have been painted and no staples show, so that it may be displayed with or without a frame. It is available on Art Helping Animals and has been shown on the Daily Painters website.


martinealison said...

Pour avoir eu la chance de voir des renards dans ma région l'hiver, je me suis réjouie ce matin en admirant le vôtre. Il a cette particularité qu'ont les renards d'avoir un maintien fragile.
Sa fourrure dans votre toile est magnifiquement bien réalisée et vous avez su parfaitement bien capturer son regard. Bises

Graceful Moments said...

The fox has always been one of my favorites because of it beautiful red color but also because of the cleverness with which they survive. Like crows, who are also maligned and with good reason, they seem to be much smarter than some of the other creatures in the wild.

Graceful Moments said...

Oh, beautiful painting! Where is my head this morning? I love the way you captured his wariness...he looks all set to take off if things get dangerous! Beautiful snowy scene you've placed him in, as well! Love, Vicki

dellartist said...

Thank you, Martine and Vicki!

Doowmée said...

Hi Della, I rarely happens now, in fact I let a few comments because for seven days I suffer from migraines really strong. The computerand its brightness are not very recommended in those moments.
I take a slight lull in to post a comment from you ...

But I appreciate your comments and visits, for you have such talent, Ifeel very small even if I'm progressing. You should've seen mypaintings there 15 years!
The watercolor allows me to drop a little, because I tend to be a slave of the line at how the cartoonists.
Your "Maine Coon Cat" is a portrait of my cat Sécottine (his name is the mark of a pot of glue: lol:)
Sleeping Kitten and A Tree Full Of Butterflies ! Wonderfull !
Kitten in a Christmas Stocking ! Splendid !
In short, love is too good!
Your magnificent fox allowed me to visit my memories ...
I live a few years ago in a forest and one day on a country road, Brother Fox was there before me! Both frozen out of time, our eyes are hooked, I could enjoy a brief moment his red bushy tail, the tip was dipped into as a pot of whipped immaculate, the extreme end, in the black ink. The tip of the ears was also ebony ... Then ...
With one bound, one disappeared in the thicket, the forest of oaks swallowed it, never feel that I never saw him wild ..
Your fox snow allowed me to visit your other works of a constantly renewed pleasure!
Good evening to you and Larry

dellartist said...

Thank you for your lovely comments, Doowmee. I am sorry about the migraines. I, too suffer from them occasionally, though not so often now as I did in my younger days. They can be devastating. I hope that you are feeling better now.
I love all your work. You have a beautiful talent.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Wow, this is beautiful! I love foxes.

dellartist said...

Thanks, Jennifer. I do, too. :)