Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Two more trees of Christmas...

This is the tree that sits in the bay window of our living room.  It has no particular color scheme or even a theme, except it says "family."   There are tiny red stockings. baseball bats, and musical instruments, all bearing the names of our children - a trumpet for Andy and a saxophone for Aaron. There are handmade ornaments given as gifts from students and Sunday School students. There are the special ornaments that Larry and I purchased on our anniversary trips to Kansas City.  And there are some that take each of us back to the Christmases of our childhood.  Though somewhat eclectic, they all fit together to tell the story of our family.

Then there is the Teddy Bear Tree. I am not so sure how this one began.  Probably it was my love of all things furry and cute that caused people to give me stuffed toys. Teddy Bears seemed like the perfect theme for a Christmas tree. although technically there are other creatures hiding in the branches - a couple of poodles and other puppies. a velveteen rabbit or two, a polar bear and  a reindeer - but I call it a Teddy Bear Tree anyway.

This tree always makes me want to sing the old song, "Teddy Bear Picnic." If you remember that one, then you are probably almost as old as I am.  I love the sentiment on this little guy's foot...

"Love Bears All Things."    That says it all...

Have a Merry Christmas!


martinealison said...

Vous avez deux arbres magnifiques qui sont AMOUR...
Ils doivent remplir votre maison et votre coeur de plein de bonnes choses... Joyeuses fêtes à vous.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, so much fun, dearest Della!!! Just wanted to stop by to give you my love and to wish you a wonderful Christmas!!! ~Janine xoxo

Doowmée said...

That these Christmas trees are beautiful, like in the movies ... I can 'not so perfect arrangement!
I have translated the greetings and thank you scribble your way, my best wishes to Larry.
My wish for all, for 2011 and more:

"A porch to pass from one world to another,
Leaving the old man asleep
And like the phoenix reborn from its ashes ...
A hope for every time
Where a step is taken forward,
That's what I wish you
At the dawn of the new year,
Whether you're everyone reloaded
Of love and joy,
That those who keep the health,
Those who lose are
The strength of the battle and heal
Short in 2011
I hope all your hopes.
Happy New Year to all

dellartist said...

Oh what a beautiful sentiment! How fitting for the new year and very touching. I wish you all the best for the new year - for you and for all those you love. Thank you so much for the translation.