Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Angel Choir Tree

The First Tree of Christmas

We are very, very late with our decorations this year. Too many responsibilities, too many people demanding our time. By the time we finish, it will be time to take them all down, but we remain undaunted. This is the tree in our gallery, the "Angel Tree."  All white, all angels and doves. I love this one because it reminds me of the time a few years ago when I was in the hospital with congestive heart failure brought on by a virus,  It was not long after Christmas.  I called a dear friend and mentor, asking her to pray for me and she took the request very seriously.  She told me that angels had been sent to watch over me, I have never forgotten that prayer. 

A bit of a disclaimer here. I am well aware that most scholars believe that these decorations do not resemble angels in any way.  Of course they don't, because angels are spirit beings and don't resemble anything we can see or even imagine. But to me, these are symbols of God's loving care, of the joy that is in heaven and of the wonderful gift of Christmas. I don't worship them, pray to them or expect things from them, but when I look at them I remember and thank God for his blessings.

There are a few other "angels" and a nativity scene that are usually under this tree, but they haven't been brought up from the basement yet. When I find them, I may take another photo.  The painting above the tree is my pastel of Christ on the Cross, and may be more appropriate for the Easter season, but it is also a good way to remember the reason for the season. Besides the painting is really heavy and I didn't want to move it:)

Close up of my "Angel Tree."

On a much sadder note, we had to say good-bye today to a very special man and a good friend. We came to know John and his wife Christine through the Asian Ministry at our church, where we all taught Sunday School. He was only 54, and died after a three month battle with cancer. He had three beautiful grown children and two grandchildren. The memorial service was a tribute to this kind and gentle man, and a testimony of his great faith. We all miss him. But as the Bible says, we "do not grieve as others do who have no hope," And for that hope, we can rejoice, even through our tears.


martinealison said...

Votre arbre angélique est ravissant... et je pense si symbolique pour vous... Je vous envoie de grosses bises et une pensée particulièrement pour tout ceux qui souffrent en ce moment...

V Bridges Hoyt said...

Your Christmas angel tree is beautiful, Della! I am sorry for the loss of your friend. Age 54 is very young. Cancer has no respect for age. Your friend is with the angels now.