Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Equine Western Art Horses White Arabian Horse by Della Burgus

Show Stopper
Image size 13 x 18
Matted to a standard frame size
frame not included

Every breed of horse has its unique characteristics, and all of them are beautiful.  Arabians display a regal bearing and seem to have been created for the the show ring.  This graceful little half-bow, with neck arched and ears flat  was a common pose in the show I saw this summer, and it seemed to be a very natural one for them.  To me, horses of every kind are the "stuff that dreams are made of" and they are among my favorite subjects.  The painting has been listed today (Tuesday, Nov. 2) on Daily Painters and is also available through Art Helping Animals.

I recently joined a group called International Equine Artists,  a collective group of artisans that share the love of creating works of art using the horse as their subject. Many of the artists are also very proficient at creating other subject matter and hail from all over the globe with many different skill levels.  Be sure to check out their website to see some great equine art.  http://www.internationalequineartists.com/gallery.html

It looks as if the "Osceola Project" - remodeling my husband's parents' home - may be coming to a close at last. We have painted, hammered, drilled, and refurbished our hearts out over the past two years and we are down to the porch. When the last nail has been pounded in and the last coat of paint has been left to dry. we can finish emptying and cleaning the house, put up a "For Sale" sign and wait for people to tie up the phone lines begging us to sell it to them. Hah! In this economy? Well, I have always believed in miracles. You know recently I read that God isn't moved by need, but by faith. Well, we have both.  So we will await our miracle.

I am looking forward to more time in my studio: more time to work on commissions, more time to meet deadlines  and more time to just play.  I used to have a sign on my refrigerator door that reminded me to "Go into your studio and make things!"  That is the bottom line - just make things - have some fun!   All too often that playful spirit becomes buried by the demands of both life and art. Art is hard work, but without that element of play the result is flat, boring, predicable - three adjectives that spell death to any creative spirit. 

I hope you have a joyful, productive and play-filled day!!!!


L. D. Burgus said...

Hey, honey, stay off the line, I hear someone it trying to call right now.

martinealison said...

Il semble vouloir demander des caresses et attend un bonjour de notre part... belle peinture. Bises.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Yes!!! You are so right!!! Hard to maintain that playfulness and yet it is absolutely necessary!!!! This piece is extraordinary, Della!!! DEFINITELY A SHOW STOPPER!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Of course, you KNEW I would...but I LOVE TO TELL YOU ANYWAY!!! Just here to say "hi!" and to say "Love YOU!" ~Janine XO

Doowmée said...

I love it, Doowmée