Thursday, October 28, 2010


Cute Little Pom
Acrylic, 11 x 14
Stretched, Wrapped Canvas

Every now and then I run into a face that I just can't resist. Pomeranian dogs remind me either of Teddy Bears or little foxes.  They look like foxes but cuddle like Teddy Bears. I lived next door to one named "Teddy" who used to bark at me through the fence all the time. But it was only an act - he was really sweet and friendly.  This painting was listed on  both Art Helping Animals and Daily Painters last week. I still haven't decided if I will list it on Ebay or Etsy.

I haven't been around as much lately and must apologise to all my friends for neglecting you. Not only have I failed to blog, but I haven't been reading or leaving comments on your blogs.  Even that takes energy,  and brain power, neither of which have been in great supply.
Responsibilities with a capital R have been rearing their ugly heads.  Still working on remodeling the house that belonged to Hubby's parents. The house was in worse shape that we had thought when we started, so it is taking a long time. Not to mention the hour plus drive down and back whenever we go.  I am not much of a carpenter, but I am pretty much all the help he has at this point. Poor guy. Yesterday I spilled some paint on the nice concrete patio floor. We cleaned it up before it stained, but he seemed to be fine with my staying home today. Hopefully I will work on a painting. Since I am obligated to list one painting a week on Daily Painters for the Art Helping Animals group, I hope to get something finished soon.  It didn't help that  I caught a nasty cold last week. To which most people would say "Oh, a cold," translates to "So what?" And normally I would agree with that assessment but I must have been run down already because this one hit me pretty hard. All I could do -  and all I wanted to do -  was curl up on the couch and sniffle. But I did get a lot of reading done. And watched some TV.  I learned so much about cooking and crafting, and of course building and  I traveled all over Europe with Rick Steves - just by watching the PBS television, "Create" channel.  Amazing what you can do without leaving your living room.  I am feeling better now, but even after the physical strength returns it takes a while to get going artistically.  Things are really bad when I don't even want to go into the studio and play. But I forced myself to work a little this morning, and though my "muse" has not yet completely recovered, she did at least show up and I am hoping to coax her to stick with me at least for a while. 

So you may or may not see the latest attempt next week, but I will try to drop in and say hello at least. Have a good week and stay healthy!

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Sniffles and Smiles said...

Dearest Della...I'm so sorry to hear that you've been sick!!! So awful!!! it does sound like you have been doing a whole lot!!! Please do take time for yourself!! This painting is gorgeous!!! He is an adorable pup...and once again, you have captured him and his personality so perfectly!!! I love it! Love you, too! Janine XO