Saturday, September 25, 2010

Resurrection Sunday Dance 2010, Budapest, Hungary -- Electronic Gospel R...

This is a feel-good video. I hope it brightens  your day as it has mine.  On April 4, 2010, over 1,300 young people, all of them members of Faith Church celebrated Resurrection Sunday in Budapest, Hungary.

Music: Ferenc Balogh Jr.
Lyrics: Shelly Matos, based on the Hungarian text by Tamas Pajor (Tompage)
Producer: Ákos Nemes
Art Producer: Tamás Pajor (Tompage)

While we are banning prayer in the public schools and taking God out of everything our forefathers fought for, take a look at what happened in the streets of Budapest on Resurrection Sunday!  Here in America, we call it Easter, but I like their name better!

My thanks to John Stuart for passing along this video.


martinealison said...

Soyons tous heureux et joyeux...
Bon week-end

Pierro said...

Lovely video.

What is happening in this country is beyond comprehension at time. What a confused lost power hungry bunch we have.
the rest of us need to hold on to God and never let go.

V Bridges Hoyt said...

I enjoyed the video, and I so agree with you that something is amiss in our country when we are starting to remove anything Christian from so many public spaces, even the military. What does that Washington bunch think this country was founded on anyway?