Saturday, September 04, 2010

Long-haired Dachshund and More Maine Musings


Here it is Saturday already and I am just now blogging my artwork for the week.   How many days can you blame it on jet lag?  Anyway, I want to share this little sweetie with you. My brother had a dachshund for many years, a little guy named Oscar, although he was the short-haired variety.  I got to know Oscar pretty well and through him discovered that Dachshunds are very special people - good-natured and friendly, though intensely loyal, highly intelligent, just a little stubborn and with a well developed sense of humor.  This painting was listed Tuesday on Daily Painters and Art Helping Animals and has already been purchased because it looks exactly like a sweet little dog named "Curry." I always love it when that happens. Curry's person even sent me a photo to show me how much he looked like the painting. 
Speaking of dogs, that is another reason I loved Bar Harbor.  I saw nearly as many dogs there as at the dog shows I have visited. Many shops were "dog friendly" and some even set bowls of water in front of the store because it was a warm day. My kind of people.

Since this was only my second time seeing the Atlantic Ocean, I am sure you will allow me to "oooh" and "ahhh" once again. I shot this picture the first day we arrived at the coast. All it took was one look at this to convince me I wasn't in Iowa any more.

Even as we speak, I am composing paintings in my head. This year the colors were so clear, so strong,  I just can't wait to get out my oils!   But there are commissions to do and promises to keep, and miles to go before I paint...


Lee said...

Just catching up... what a sweet little fellow... my son has three dachshund... My little grand-dogs.

dellartist said...

Thanks, Lee. Love those grand-dogs!

Deanne said...

Beautiful, expressive, painterly - I don't like when artists make their work look like photos...if I want a photo on my wall, I'll put a photo on my wall!

We had 2 Dachshunds when I was a kid, my mom has one now, her beloved Daisy died last winter at 17. I have a friend at work who has 4 and for Christmas I did her a long haired in graphite, framing it today....they are great dogs, and a joy to draw and paint!