Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Feline Art Cats White Cat Acrylic by Della Burgus

 I love painting white fur - white horses, white cats, dogs, rabbits - they fascinate me because of all the unexpected colors that lurk in the shadows as well as those that come out to play in the light.  Colors are to me what amusement park rides are to other people, or maybe a week end in Vegas if you are so inclined.  Like unearthing a hidden treasure.  As a young art student, one of my most exciting discoveries was that white is not really white,  neither is black really black nor is red red. Not totally.  It still blows me away.  In all the years I taught art, there was one student who reacted in the same way.  I had given her an apple and asked her to "paint" with her colored pencils what she actually saw, NOT  what she thought was there. She was amazed and excited to see so many colors in the "red" fruit. I mean really excited - to the point where she was beginning to annoy some of the other kids who just couldn't see the value of it all.  I was thrilled.  It does warm a teacher's heart when a student, even just one student, "gets it,"  I wish I could tell you she went on to a career in art or at least design, but I don't think so. At least, perhaps, she does look at the world a little differently.

This painting is called "Ivory" and is a sort of companion piece to the black cat from last week's blog. I like the contrast of the black and white, and also of the personality of the animal.  The white cat is very much like one I had as a child. She was loving and nurturing, especially to a little girl who was often lonely and frightened.  I think she thought I was one of her kittens.

This painting is acrylic on stretched canvas, 6 x 8.   All the edges have been painted and no staples show. It may be displayed with or without a frame.  As with the black cat, 10% of the sale will be donated to Tabby's Place, A Cat Sanctuary. 10% to Children's Cup International Relief.


Graceful Moments said...

I know exactly what you mean about the color! Our son started working for a printing company and he "got" it too. He told me he could no longer look at a tree and see only green! I was so excited to hear him say that. His wife and my husband still don't get it! LOL
Your painting is beautiful!!! I love the black and white combo!

Lee said...

You always blow me away, Della! Purrrrfect!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Incredible, dear Della!!! I am always so amazed by the way you capture the eyes of every subject that you paint!!!! There is so much depth...such a living, breathing vibrancy!!! I've always in awe!!! Have a fantastic weekend, my dear friend!!! Love, Janine XO