Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There and Back Again - The Maine Adventure

I took this photo in Acadia National Park last week.  My handsome son and his beautiful bride celebrated their first wedding anniversary last week end in Maine. The wedding last year had been very small, just immediate families - which of course included dogs. This year they invited all of their family and friends to a reception/anniversary party, complete with a Maine lobster feast, dancing and a whole lot of fun. So we made a return trip. As you can see, the weather was perfect.  I just love the turquoisey blue of the water and sky. All my pictures from last year were lovely pearly grays, just as beautiful, but a completely different color scheme.  I can't wait to try to capture these amazing blues in oil or pastel!!! I had originally planned to take along watercolors and get in some Plein-air painting, but decided to take lots of photos instead. Cameras take up less room in a suitcase. And a whole lot less time. You will probably see more photos in later blogs. Plus a painting or two...

Our kids live in Lamoine, Maine, which is not far from the famous Bar Harbor, a very fun, picturesque place to visit, a quaint little tourist town with surprises around every corner. We enjoyed all the galleries. souvenir shops  and stores for pets and lots of unique restaurants whose main bill of fare is - you guessed it - lobster!

I left my camera behind when we visited the shops as I was serious about shopping which,  as every serious shopper knows, includes but is not limited to buying things. As a serious shopper, I am committed to looking at everything. These photos were taken by my husband who is a serious photographer.

Hull's Cove School

The reception was held in a 1906 school building, a fascinating bit of history in the area. I didn't bring my camera to that event either, because I thought one photographer per family should do it. But my husband is always willing to share his genius. Above is an exterior view of the school. Below is an interior shot, with Aaron, Keegan, and her uncle in the distance.

As much as I love Maine is about as much as I dislike flying. But it is a fact of life, if you want to go somewhere far away, you must take a plane, you must go through security and you must change planes and endure layovers. I feel I spent more time in airports this vacation than at my destination. But even looking out the window is an experience.

The obligatory airplane window photo

Have a great day. Hope you have had the chance to see something new this summer.


Lee said...

I hate to fly also... sounds like you had a wonderful time. Your hubby takes great pictures...

Graceful Moments said...

Beautiful photo of that gorgeous blue water! I love Maine...it is one of my favorite places. I went there every summer with a friend for about five years...we stayed in B&B Inns up and down the coast. There are a few of my Maine paintings in my Etsy shop.
Sounds like you had a fun time! Always so nice to get away and to be with family! ♥ Vicki

Sniffles and Smiles said...

I LOVE Maine!!! Such a charming and beautiful place...I've visited Bar Harbor and surrounds...fortunate you!!! Looks like you may have some inspiration here for paintings as well ;-)) So glad to be back and visiting!!! I've really missed you!!! Love you!!! Janine XO