Monday, August 09, 2010

Churning Waves

Last year I took a trip to Maine and saw the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. Like much of the English language, the word "awesome" has become so over- and, to my mind, misused, that it has nearly lost its meaning, yet it most nearly describes my feelings.  The original meaning of the word, inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear, rather than the current, watered down version which could apply to anything from a rock band to a new flavor of coffee.  When nature, in its raw power, causes the jaw to drop, the heart to beat rapidly and the mind to turn to God, now that's awesome!

I created this painting recently in anticipation for a return trip this fall.  I hope to have more time to walk along the rocky shore and listen to the amazing, powerful sounds of the breakers crashing the shore.  Perhaps this time I will bring my watercolors as well as my camera and do some painting on site. That would be awesome!
Sometimes I have to admit that my life feels just like these churning waves. I do not know which way I am going, where to turn, what is going to happen when the next big wave hits. During times like these it is good to remember that, though I have no control over the storms in my life, I know the One who does. He holds my hand and will never let me go.

Rocky Coast is an oil painting on wrapped canvas, 11 x 14, standard depth.  All the edges have been painted and no staples are showing, no frame is needed.  It is scheduled to be listed on Daily Painters tomorrow and on Art Helping Animals. 10%of the sale will be donated to Old Dog Haven, 10% to Children's Cup International Relief. 


Vernita said...

I left a comment over on your Art Helping Animals post about this painting but will say it again here. This painting is glorious! You did such a wonderful job of this scene. Yes, in the non-watered down version of the word, this painting is AWESOME! Also, I appreciate your message that God is always with us no matter how turbulent the life becomes. :)

Lee said...

Oh, Della...Beautiful! Forceful!

dellartist said...

Thank you, Vernita and Lee. It is a gorgeous area. I am excited about going back.