Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Guest Artist, Sharyn A. Rose

Since my muse decided to take an unscheduled vacation without me, I am sharing the work of an artist friend of mine, one of the most creative people I know.

"Pansies," Watercolor print by Sharyn A. Rose

Sharyn has been a friend for a very long time and I have always admired her work, especially her collages and puppets. But a few weeks ago she blessed me with a watercolor print that completely blew me away. Watercolor? I didn't know she was also a watercolorist!  She doesn't have a blog or website of her own yet, so I asked her to be a guest artist on my blog and she graciously agreed. The interview was conducted by email, since she does live in another state.

This is a lovely watercolor. What was the inspiration for it?
The watercolor that is shown was accidental.  I was just experimenting with colors when (voila) a pansy revealed itself.  Most of my art is that way.
What types of art do you like creating?   
 I like drawing, watercolor, fabric sculpture, writing, scrap crafting. I like to draw faces, hand sew fabric animals, and scrap craft jewelry.

 My crafting is not predetermined but reveals itself as I go along.  We no longer have craft shows here at the senior "home" - but at the last one two years ago I sold:  button magnets; papier mache boxes with button covered lids; bead and button stretch bracelets; bookmarks using old photos and quotes; fabric flower pins (some went on a hat which the Director bought for her cruise); plastic eggs with mini-sewing kits inside (these went for .25 each and the social worker here said it was the best bargain she ever had...she used the kit about 3 times).

I seem to be a "generalist" in art...liking all mediums.  I do not feel "expert" in one and wish, in a way, I could settle down and grow in just one area.

When did you first discover you were an artist, and what is your background?
  I have a BA degree in education with art emphasis.  I taught Jr. High art for about 2 years; after that I was a puppeteer for many years and had my own traveling puppet theatre.  I did birthday parties and also worked in a children's theatre part-time.

What was your most rewarding experience with art?
 My most interesting art experience was when the MA Dept. of Education hired me to give a seminar to midwives from Afghanistan.  I taught them how to make felt hand puppets and they did beautiful embrodered faces. I also taught them how to give a presentation with puppets and we video-taped their presentation.  In Afghanistan a Dr. or nurse cannot tell a pregnant patient what to do, nor does the patient undress.  The midwives thought puppet shows might educate the women about health care and nutrition and baby care.  I now wonder if they are doing shows.

Which work do you consider  your "Masterpiece?"
 My best piece of "artwork" was probably my "4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie."  This was part of my hand-sewn puppet troupe.  The pie was built so that it would open and the 24 blackbirds bounced out...they were sewn on a mesh...the pie was beige felt as were the blackbirds.  I used this "puppet" in my "Mother Goose Rhyme" series.  I eventually sold it.  I love fabric sculpture.....especially multiples encased in one container.  I no longer do fabric sculptures but may go back to it one day.  I also loved doing fabric faces... again, I have no preconceived pattern...and just let the material give me direction. 

I know that you are also a gifted writer. Please share a little about that.
Currently I am taking a writing course...my latest essay was on the moods of the sea.  On my own I am creating an altered book featuring everything I want to be and do and have.  This summer I want to type up and print off most of my writings...Right now I feel I am more writer than artist...but...maybe I'm both.

What is something about you that no one knows.?
 On a test I was diagnosed high creative and high in organizing.  In my office work I organized a President's loose papers and brochures in a series of notebooks.  At a meeting he showed these to the employees and said: "this is the product of an organized mind."  I've always liked that comment.
  I've also had comments about my decorations for parties.  At a church "Picnic in the Park" I created life-size cardboard cows for a farm theme (the udder was in the middle instead of the back; was told by a Dr. at thepicnic he would have to give an "udderectomy.")  Also at this picnic I had bales of hay and a large farmer puppet stuffed into a real pair of overalls.

If you could have lunch with anyone in history, who would it be?
If I could have a lunch with anyone it would be Jesus Christ, of course. I would have a long, long list of questions and would like to know what He is doing now?  Are there other worlds?   When is He coming back?  What should I be doing now?  Should I combine art and writing?  Should I try to publish?  Should I take courses and which ones?  What is my supreme purpose?  How am I gonna' lose weight and still eat ice cream?  What is my mom doing?  etc. etc.

If I had a second choice I'd like to interview Denys Fitch Hatton (of Out of Africa fame - and Karen Blixen's lover)....what happened to his plane that it mysteriously went down just at take-off?  Was it sabotage?  Was he sick?.... What happened between he and Karen...they were such strong friends...then the big separation.

 What are some of the things in your "bucket" -  what you would like to do but haven't done yet?
  I'd like to travel to Denmark to see Karen Blixen's family home; also Kenya to see her home in the Ngong Hills outside of Nairobi.  Other places on my "wish list" are:  Niagara Falls, Mackinac Island, Williamsburg (again), Ocean City, NJ (again), Paris, Sicily.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Sharyn for helping me out. My muse arrived home again late last week when I became captivated by a flower in the neighbor's garden. A painting is in the works, but I am taking it easy - painting when I feel like it, refusing to set a deadline for myself, not pushing. The result has been a joyful painting experience and an artwork that will be finished in a few days. Or not. It may even be good. Or not. At this point I am just happy to be painting again.


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, Della...she is delightful! So glad that you introduced us! I loved her answers to your questions, and DO hope she decides to blog!!! Also, I'm so very, very glad that your muse has returned...sometimes a person just needs a rest...sounds like that is just what the doctor ordered ...and I have a feeling that your painting will be extraordinary!!! Like ALL of your work! You are such a FANTASTIC artist...I'm ALWAYS in awe of your work!!! Love, Janine XOXO

Vera Dennen said...

Cool, love the way you set up this interview. Works the same as interviews done by EBSQ.

Graceful Moments said...

Ah, I see I should have read the latest post first instead of second. Glad your muse has returned and that your are painting again. As for me, I am still visiting blogs...

Great interview and delightful artist. I love her attitude about everything!

L. D. Burgus said...

What a great interview! You have done so many creative interesting things. You really can't contain it but must keep working. Your painting is wonderful. I thought it was a commercial card at first when I saw it laying on Della's desk. Keep up the good stuff.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Just stopping by to say, "hello!" and to wish you a wonderful weekend!!! Love, Janine XO

V Bridges Hoyt said...

First, I so enjoyed reading your interview with Sharyn A. Rose. She is refreshing. Secondly, I'm glad to hear your muse is teasing you to paint again. Thirdly, I absolutely love your profile picture. Where is that? Last of all, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I always appreciate your thoughtful comments.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Just here to give you my love, Della!! ~Janine XO