Monday, June 28, 2010

Gray Persian Cat

Smokey Blue
Acrylic on wrapped canvas
6 x 8
All edges painted, no staples show.
Display with or without a frame.
I have met many passionate animal lovers online through my work with  the Art Helping Animals Blog.   (Click on link for purchase information.) Many people have their favorites and  do request to see paintings of certain breeds.  One of the most popular is the Persian Cat, an absolutely unique and beautiful animal.  These are definitely indoor cats, not the type you might see walking around in someone's yard, or even curled up on a porch, so about the only place to see one is in a cat show unless you have your own.   Those that I have been privileged to meet are as delightful as they are beautiful. Despite their regal bearing and the somewhat austere expressions on their faces, they are affectionate and devoted and they make wonderful pets.  This painting will be listed both on Art Helping Animals and Daily Painters.

Today's blog is on the short side because my energy level is at the low end of the chart. I fought a serious battle with a sinus infection toward the end of last week, then had a very busy week end.  My husband and I worked all day today on the Inter-Urban Trolley mural and the result is complete exhaustion. Did I tell you about the mural? Probably not. Well, I will catch you up later this week.  And tomorrow I will try to catch up with all of those wonderful blogs of yours that I haven't yet been able to comment on.

Bless you all.


L. D. Burgus said...

Very, very wonderful!!!!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, Della...I'm so sorry you've been battling a sinus infection! Those are just horrid!!! Do pray you are feeling a bit better...please don't overdo...And no. I didn't know about the Inter-Urban Trolley mural...CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR!!!!! And of course, your painting is absolutely exquisite. I am in complete awe of your ability to paint animals, and capture their spirits, and personalities in your portraits! And this one is no exception!!! Simply extraordinary...The detail in the hair and eyes is perfect...Obviously I love this! Hope the rest of your week settles down a bit! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers! Love, Janine XO

Lee said...

Amazing... so realistic...
I apologize... I'm allergic ... see, so realistic I cyber-sneezed in blogville. (laughing)

Hope you are feeling better and get some rest...

Miss Della...You have the touch!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

I'm laughing over Lee's comment...I'm allergic, too...ROFL...Just stopping by to wish you a wonderful 4th of July weekend, dear Della! Love you! Janine XO