Thursday, June 17, 2010

26 Years Ago Yesterday

Yesterday Larry and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary.  We have often taken a trip to mark the occasion, but this year we settled for a lovely dinner out at our favorite restaurant. Well, my favorite, anyway.

Everyone said it was a beautiful wedding, but then everyone always says that, don't they? It is all a blur now, but there are still a few memories.  I remember that the original cake baker had to cancel at the last minute because of back problems and I ended up ordering the cake from the grocery store. And my aunt said it was pretty good and "not too crumby." My uncle had come all the way from Arizona for my wedding but missed the ceremony because he had the time wrong.  I was touched by his tears. Our wedding was the first for the photographer and she did a great job, but the battery on her camera died shortly after the ceremony. We relied on our friends with cameras for more photos, and they were more than happy to share them.  I remember also that my husband stumbled over the words "plight thee my troth," which is hard to say on a good day.  In spite of the less than stellar beginning, it has been a beautiful life, through both good times and bad and that is what really counts isn't it?  Some of our dreams came true, others didn't, and God had a few surprises along the way that we hadn't even thought about.  Anyway, if I had it to do all over again, I would. Still,  I am glad that, even though the Lord knows the end from the beginning, He doesn't share that knowledge with us. We couldn't handle it.


Sniffles and Smiles said...

You were an absolutely GORGEOUS bride, Della!! Happy Anniversary! I'm so very, very happy for you!!! Love you, Janine XO

Beloved Art Gallery said...

Anniversaries are my favorite!! Happy Anniversary!!!...My husband and I were moving on our wedding day, from Texas to Nashville, TN...we stopped packing and got dressed, met the preacher at my parents, got hitched, ate cake and went back to each others houses and started packing some more...we sold some of our furniture to make our move easier... including the beds...we spent our honeymoon on a fold out sofa...ouch! That was 23 years ago...Your story was better!
I hope to marry the old fellow again on our twenty fifth!

Thank you for stopping by yesterday, "The Guardian" was one of my first paintings. I bet you could paint a fabulous angel with your ability to paint animals, the wings would come so natural for you, you have an amazing talent, I have been discouraged with my abilities of late and the compliment meant more than you will ever know. I tried a pallet knife this much fun...but the end result...YIKES!
I am working on a "dark" piece and should finish today or tomorrow. Just something inside me has to come out and tell the story. I am dancing to a different drum I guess.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep celebrating.

dellartist said...

Oh, Janine, thank you. Only you would say something like that. I sure didn't feel gorgeous. I felt stressed and harried and scared, but I appreciate the compliment.

Lee - I loved your story. Don't get discouraged, you have a real gift. Cant want to see the new piece you are working on.

Sharon Kraus said...

A beautiful wedding story with all it's ups and downs! That is what makes life interesting, and gives it character and you courage for the days ahead. Those of us that have had a very long happy marriage with all its ups and downs are very lucky! To many give up to easily and usually find that the grass is not greener on the other side and then are alone. Bless those of us who continue with our everyday challenges in this sacred vow called "marriage"!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Just here to give you my love!!! You are truly a treasured, new friend!!! I'm so grateful to God for leading me to your beautiful blog!!! Love you! Janine XO

Pierro said...

thank you for sharing this lovely memory. You two were a lovly young couple. can you remember what you both thought about what the years ahead would turn out to be?
Amazing and yes an adventure that is beyond compare.