Monday, February 01, 2010

Floral Art Flowers Peach Peace Rose by Della Burgus


A Rose Named "Peace"

It is not surprising that even after more than sixty years, "Peace" is still considered the most popular of all roses.  We still live in a world filled with strife, violence, wars and rumors of war,  and we desperately seek anything that speaks of peace.  This beautiful flower was developed in France in 1935, but fame did not come overnight. In 1939, when war in Europe appeared eminent, the "eyes" for its grafting were shipped to Turkey, Italy, Germany,  and the U.S. for safe keeping.  The American grower planned to introduce the new rose after the war had ended.  It was officially named "Peace" on August 29, 1945, the day that Berlin fell and peace was proclaimed. It has been beloved worldwide ever since.  

I like to think of it as a tribute to not only to peace, but also to all of those who worked so hard to achieve it.  People like my father-in-law who was drafted into the army and fought in the war, and my mother-in-law who stayed at home and waited for him to come home. And all the men and women who served but did not come home. Peace, whether it is world peace, individual peace or peace of mind, never comes without a price. Because nothing of value ever does. 

This painting is oil on stretched, wrapped canvas,  all edges are painted and no staples show, so that it may be displayed framed or unframed. It will be listed on Art Helping Animals and Daily Painters.  My website is being redesigned to accept payments through PayPal online. Until it is finished, I will also offer my work for sale on this blog. Please email me with any questions.

A Rose Called Peace
10 x 10 x .75 inches
$100, shipping included
10% will be donated to
Old Dog Haven

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V Bridges Hoyt said...

Great blog post ... and I love the Peace rose painting, too.

Poetikat said...

Hi Della!

I visit your husband's blog all the time and noticed your horse paiting and the links.

I had no idea the Peace Rose was so named because of the Armistice at the end of the World War II.

Lovely painting. You have an exceptional talent and I love your choice of subjects. My mother's cousin is an artist as well (she's in her late 80s now) and has done a series on the horses of Sable Island off the coast of Nova Scotia. You might like to visit her website here:


dellartist said...

Thanks for your comment, Nita.

Kat, nice to meet you. I loved the paintings on your relative's website. It is a great site.