Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When is spring? Work in Progress

The weather has been cold and awful here, but it has resulted in the most beautiful scenery.  I decided it would be fun to paint a snowy landscape, so yesterday I ventured outside to take some reference photos. The frosty trees made a wintry fairyland of our neighborhood.

What a difference a day makes!  Good thing I took the photos yesterday. Once again, Iowa has been canceled due to the weather.  No photography today - I can't get my front door open! All that lovely frost has gone now and everything is covered with ice. Not nearly so pretty, and not at all nice.  As the ice melts and refreezes,  I hear limbs falling onto the roof. It is a terrible sound. Hope it is over soon. We had one of these storms a few years ago that lasted for three days and  left everything looking like a war zone.

Click on any photo for a larger view.

Here are some of the shots I took yesterday.   My husband offered me the use of some of his also. I think he has thousands.  I will combine elements of them into a composition.  Something to help me remember this winter - as if anyone can forget it.  I can't promise how it will turn out, but watch this space for further development...

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V Bridges Hoyt said...

I wish I could send some of our warmer weather up to you. This week we've had a few days of 60+ degrees, but it cools off at night. It's a bit cooler today. No ice. Stay warm.