Monday, January 25, 2010

Landscape Oil Morning Snow by Della Burgus

Frosty Morning
In church a couple of weeks ago, our pastor asked us to greet one another by saying something good about the snow.  I couldn't think of a thing at the time, but a little while later I had one of  those V-8 moments, you know, like the commercial. Someone eats something really bad that tastes really, really good, then hits his head and says, I could have had a V-8.  Suddenly I realized - hey, I am an artist! The snow is really beautiful to look at, as long as you don't have to be outside in it. Why is it so easy to forget who I am, and to fail to be thankful for all the gifts of God?  He gives good gifts to men and women, but sometimes it takes a little digging for us to see their value. 
He has made everything beautiful in its time, and has set Eternity in the hearts of men. Ecclesiastes 3:11
This painting is an oil on stretched, wrapped canvas, standard depth. All the edges are painted and no staples show, so that it may be displayed with or without a frame.  It was painted in  a loose, "painterly" style,  a little more Impressionistic than some of my work. It will be listed on Daily Painters and Art Helping Animals on Tues,  Jan 26.  Or you may purchase it through  Pay Pal on this blog by clicking on the Buy It Now button.

Frosty Morning
Oil on Canvas
11 x 14
20% will be donated to Rimrock Humane Society

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Mildred said...

So very nice to visit your blog. I have had a great time enjoying your lovely art. Here in Georgia, snow is rare, so I love this snow scene. My husband grew up in Detroit, so he is all to familiar with having to deal with the down side of snow!