Monday, January 04, 2010

Floral Art Pink Rose by Della Burgus

Summer dreams...

 Last week I came across some photos of our rose bushes taken last summer.  I remember the day they were taken, early morning, beautiful warm sunshine, soft breeze. As I bent to inhale their fragrance,  their soft petals kissed my face and I wanted to hold on to that moment forever.  Photographs were the next best thing.  Originally I had planned to do a composition with the bushes, or perhaps a few of the flowers, but the memory of that moment expressed itself as a close up of one bloom. The color, the fragrance and the delicacy of the petals take me back to that warm summer day, even in the midst of this cold, cold, snowy weather.

Did you know that most of the roses that appear in the bouquets you receive from (or buy for) your special person have little or no fragrance?  They are special hybrid roses,  developed to last a long time in the vase, but the sweet, distinctive fragrance has been lost.  The result is a beautiful, long lasting rose... or is it?  Is a rose without fragrance still a rose? There is a lesson in that somewhere, I think. Also, of course, the thorns have been bred out and I know there is a lesson in that!  The thorns may be an inconvenience but they protect the flowers. Sometimes in our efforts to "improve" on the design of God, we miss some of His blessings.  And often the blessings of God come with thorns -  not to hurt, but to protect us.

Dedication:  Like many people I first heard Susan Boyle sing on YouTube and was overwhelmed by her spirit.  I have been listening to her CD and have especially loved a song called, Who I was Born to Be.  I am enough of a novice that I can't figure out how to include music on this blog, but I want to share some of the lyrics with you. 
Who I was Born to Be

When I was a child
I could see the wind in the trees
And heard a song in the breeze
It was there, singing out my name...

But I am not a girl
I have known the taste of defeat
And I've finally grown to believe
It will all come round again.

And though I may not 
Know the answers
I can finally say I am free
And if the questions 
Lead me here, then
I am who I was born to be.

She had a dream and overcame a mountain of miracles to work toward that dream.  Susan, this bud's for you...

About the Painting
Summer Dreams

Oil on Stretched, Wrapped Canvas
8 x 10
 All the edges are painted, no staples show
Display with or without a frame

$90, shipping included
20% will be donated to
Old Dog Haven

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Di said...

Hello Della. I found you through your husbands blog. Your paintings are beautiful and the Siamese cat is absolutely stunning!

V Bridges Hoyt said...

Della, I really love this rose and the tribute to Susan Boyle.

dellartist said...

Thanks, Di, for visiting, and for the comment. Hope you will drop by again. I don't blog as often as my husband, but I am hoping to do more this year. Love the photos on your blog!

Vernita, thanks. I have been so moved by Susan's story and her music. Dreams come true, even if you are no longer under thirty.