Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sketch, Dog Daze of Summer

Today I am sharing a page from my sketchbook, the preliminary drawing for a painting of a golden lab. I have decided to let you see this, with all its problems and rough edges, before I do a painting in pastel. For me a sketch is a plan, a map, of the finished artwork, so I can see what it will look like, and if it is really going to work. In my mind's eye (don't you love that phrase?) I see the finished painting, with color, value and line all working together to create a composition. Probably all anyone else can see is a rather weak, unfinished drawing that needs a lot of work! Sometimes I think my life is like this drawing: full of promise, but needing a lot of work. I am glad that God sees me as a beautiful painting, all the elements pulled together in a perfect composition. I still need a lot of work, but He is the Master Artist and I trust He can pull it all together.

Sad News

Like everyone, I was horrified by the story of the largest dog fighting ring in the history of the United States. Over 400 dogs were seized and rescued. Many others were not so fortunate. There are no words to express my anger at the monsters who abused and tortured these innocent creatures. I have friends with Pit Bulls. They are gentle, loving dogs with the same loyal dispositions that other dogs have. They have been raised with love and give love in return. Although the dogs are not to blame, as is often the case, they are the ones who have to pay the price. This has become a more personal sorrow for me, because some of the people involved come from central Iowa, one even from my small town. Thankfully, I do not know these people, nor do I want to, but I feel somehow our town has been diminished by their having lived here.
I hope and pray that many of the rescued dogs can be rehabilitated and find loving and understanding people to care for them.

You can read more about the raid and rescue on the Humane Society of Missouri. Currently these dedicated people are taking care of their physical needs. Please consider sending a donation for this good cause. Click on the link below for more information.

Humane Society of Missouri

“We are committed to giving dogs who have come from such horrible abuse the absolute best chance for a good life,” said Debbie Hill, vice president of Operations for the Humane Society of Missouri and director of the temporary shelter. “It is a tragedy that because of mistreatment by humans for financial gain and so-called sport, many dogs used in animal fighting may not ever be able to be placed in a home situation.”

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