Monday, July 13, 2009

Portrait of Lily by Della Burgus

This is a painting of a day lily from our garden. We have lots of them - we are always finding some new color or variety. This one has been around for so long I have forgotten her name, so I just call this Portrait of Lily. I am a portrait painter by nature. I think God made me that way. For years I painted and drew portraits of people, then I branched out into animals and flowers, but, as you see, it still has a portrait "feeling" to it. I tend to focus in on a subject, to capture its nature, its essence, the core of its being. (Well, that may be a little too deep, even for me.) I do enjoy painting landscapes and seascapes occasionally, but more often than not, I find myself focusing in on the one thing that captures my attention.

So here is Portrait of Lily. As with many of my paintings, a portion of this sale will be donated to an animal charity. I have chosen Tabby's Place, a Cat Sanctuary, in memory of my kitty Nala, who loved flowers. I miss her very much.

Portrait of Lily is available through eBay.
and Art Helping Animals.

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