Monday, July 06, 2009

Wildlife Art Elephant Walk by Della Burgus

I absolutely love elephants - love reading about them, watching them on TV, sketching and photographing them in zoos, and above all, I love to paint them. They are large, slow moving tough-looking animals, with tender spirits and hearts of gold. Well, most of them are, anyway. This painting was inspired by a CBS story by my favorite reporter, Steve Hartman. It is the story of a most unlikely friendship between an elephant named Tarra and a little dog named Bella who live in the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee. I won't try to retell the tale, because Steve does it so beautifully, but if you want to read it for yourself, just click on this link: Bella and Tarra.

Note: This painting is NOT a picture of Bella, though I was inspired by her story. As I mentioned earlier, I love elephants, love to paint them and I use my own photos and sketches for my work.

If you would like to visit the sanctuary website, click this link: The Elephant Sanctuary. You can read all about their work, see photos of the elephants, and even watch a video. It would be great if you would also donate to their work.

The painting is 10 x 10 inches, acrylic on stretched canvas, all edges are painting, so it may be displayed with or without a frame. It is available through Art Helping Animals, as well as through this blog.

10% of the sale will be donated to Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center, through Art Helping Animals.

I will donate an additional 10% to the Elephant Sanctuary.

Elephant Walk
Acrylic on stretched canvas
10 x 10 x .75 inches

Quote from Steve Hartman: "Take good look at this couple, America. Take a good look world. If they can do it - what's our excuse?"

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