Friday, May 08, 2009

Spring is here - or is it?

Has it stopped snowing yet? I mean, really, for good? Or at least until next fall? Is it really over, the long, hard winter that won't allow you to even stick your nose out of the door without it being bitten off by frost? Or is it just hiding, lying in wait until we all get comfortable with the sunshine and green grass, ready to hit us again with one last blast of icy storms. It seems to be over, but I am not taking anything for granted...

One of the great joys of spring is planting flowers. Spring is later here in Iowa than almost everywhere else in the world, but at last the annuals are ready to be planted. So I stopped by the garden center today just to see what was available, and came home with all this. Most of them will be planted by the sign in front of the studio. This year, because it was a long, cold winter, and a whole year of sadness and loss, I felt the need for color in my gray life, so the flowers will be bright and splashy with no particular color scheme.

This is the location where they will be planted. Pathetic, isn't it? Sort of like a neglected pet. But that is what happens during a long Midwest winter. In a day or two, if this rain ever lets up for a little while, I will show you how good it can look.

In the meantime, Happy Spring!

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