Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Little Cocker Spaniel

Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes.
by Della Burgus

The title of this painting is from a very old song. The big, expressive, brown eyes of this little Spaniel can speak volumes and totally melt my heart. I seldom see a little dog that I don't just long to cuddle or a larger dog that I can resist petting.

I have come to realize that God speaks to us through almost everything in life, and animals are no exception. In fact, I believe they are among His most willing messengers. "Love" is the lesson He wants most for us to learn, and that seems to be something they all know a lot about. Look into those eyes, and that is what you see: unconditional love. If this little creature understands it so well, why is it so hard for us humans to understand - us, with our "superior" brain power, our sophistication, our "evolutionary development"? Why is it that we continue to gossip, shift blame, hold grudges, and just generally treat each other badly? We all need to take a lesson from our long-suffering pets, who love us no matter what stupid thing we did this time, who never find fault, never put us down, never try to show us up. They just keep on loving, keep on believing, keep on wanting the best for us. That is what love is all about.

Pastel on Wallis Sanded Paper
Image size 8 x 10
Mounted on foam core board
Matted and ready to frame.

To purchase, or if there are questions email the artist
Email Della

Available through
Art Helping Animals

20% will be donated to
Old Dog Haven


dreameyce said...

This is so touching. Reminds me of the Cocker I grew up with. He looked so much like this.

dellartist said...

Thank you so much.