Monday, April 27, 2009


My Place in the Sun
Pastel, 8.5 x 10

Nearly every cat I have ever known loves the sunshine. They will lie down any place that sunlight streams through a window, and when the patch of sun moves, they move with it. Cats are amazing creatures, I have never been sure they weren't transplanted here from another world. One minute they are rolling around on the floor, playing with a soft fuzzy toy, the next they are seriously stalking some invisible menace. They take a flying leap from the highest point in the room landing on their feet and walk away as if nothing extraordinary has just happened. Their mood can swing from cuddly and full of love to completely indifferent and superior in the flick of a tail.

I read once that the Lord created the cat so that people might know the pleasure of petting a lion. That may be true - I know that inside every soft little kitten is the heart of a lion.

I hope you find your place in the sunshine today, that you stay there as long as you need to for warmth, for light and for inspiration. Find joy in the simple things in life: the sun shining through a window, the purr of a kitty, the laughter of a child. And remember to be grateful...

"Sunshine" is a pastel on Wallis paper, mounted, matted and ready to frame. It will be offered on Art Helping Animals and Daily Painters later this week. If you would like more information in the meantime, email me. Email Della

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V. Bridges-Hoyt said...

Great post, Della, along with the beautiful artwork. Your pastels are so pretty.