Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Colt in the Meadow

I must apologize for not posting lately. It has been a difficult time for my family as my father passed away two weeks ago. In a way it was expected, because he was 98 years old and had a bad heart for several years, but he had been feeling good and living well almost until the time of his passing. After a heart attack about 7 years ago, he moved in with my husband and me. His eyesight was failing and his hearing had almost gone, so he could no longer live alone on the farm as he had for many years. But his mind was just as sharp as ever, and his enthusiasm for living had never diminished. It was a life well lived. But we are missing him.

The new colt seemed an appropriate subject to return to painting. My dad loved horses and colts. Actually this is an older painting that I reworked a bit. I was never quite happy with it, but it took a while to figure out what to change. Sometimes I just put away work for a while and it helps me get a better perspective. I love the way he stands, a little uncertain, maybe a little shy, but curious about the world around him. To me it is a reminder that life is continually being renewed and those of us left behind must continue to live out our time on earth, whether it is long or short.

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V. Bridges-Hoyt said...

Della, your post is a really nice memorial to your dad. I continue to think of you and send up my prayers for your healing after loss.

The little colt is very well done. Don't know what you thought was wrong with it previously, but it looks perfect now. Isn't it funny how getting away from a piece for a while will lead to the right solution.

I am awarding you "A Passion for Painting" award. If you'd like to accept it, just go to my blog Texas Sauce Art Life, pick up the award to post on your blog and list seven things you love. Then you will send it to seven other deserving artists. That's all there is to it, but the award carries a nice sentiment and coming from one's peers, it means a lot. Congrtulations!