Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just a Little Snack to Get Me By

A cute, friendly little guy like the those who show up when my husband and I travel to the North Shore of Lake Superior to paint. They are extremely industrious, even in the middle of summer, always looking for seeds to stuff into their little pouches to take to their favorite hiding places. Sometimes they stop their activity and actually eat some of the treasures they have found. Button, our toy poodle, usually travels with us and loves playing with them - first he chases them, then they chase him. Nobody ever catches anybody, and when Button thinks he is too close, he backs up and lets them run away. When he tires of the game and tries to rest, they come out of the bushes and scold him. One summer a friend who had parked his boat and covered it with a tarp, later found it filled with pine cones. It had looked like an ideal storage place to the chipmunks. To me, no trip would be complete without them.

This is an acrylic on canvas panel, 5 x 7 and is available through Art Helping Animals.

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