Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Iris From the Garden

One of my favorite flowers in the garden. My husband loves to collect different kinds and colors and I love to paint them. They have wonderful names, like "Prissy Miss" and "Superstition." I am not certain of the name of this one, but I think it is "Early Dawn." My husband used to have a chart with the layout of all his gardens so that he could keep track of the names of them all, but some of them did not survive the wet springs we had for two years. I guess he will just have to collect some more. This painting is in watercolor, not one of my usual mediums, but every now and then I like to do something different. Of course, they don't look like this yet - this one was done from a photo from last year. This painting has sold already through Art Helping Animals, but I usually do more of them when the Iris begin to bloom. So watch this space.

by Della Burgus
Watercolor on Arches
10.5 x 13.5
Matted size 16 x 19


20% will be donated to
Old Dog Haven

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