Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chickadee in Winter by Della Burgus "For the Birds" series

Dinner Guest
Oil on stretched canvas
8 x 8 x 1.5 inches

Winter in Iowa can be dreary. That is on the good days. On bad days it is stormy, miserable, and disastrous. We ask each other "Why do we live here?" The answer is usually "family ties." I have yet to figure out if that is a reason or just an excuse. My friend Sandra says "a rut is just a grave with both ends open." Ah, but if the ends are open, that means we can get out, doesn't it? Well, if we are going to go on living here, we must take joy where we can find it. So we fill feeders all over the property, so that we can help out God's beautiful little creatures, but most of all, so that we can delight in watching them. Seeing life in the midst of this desolate tundra does lift the spirit a little
Chickadees are tiny and personable, with cute little movements and lots of energy. Although I haven't taught them how to eat out of my hand, (and have no plans to at this point) they seem very friendly, don't fly away immediately when someone shows up.

This oil painting is on stretched canvas, attached at the back so that no staples show, all edges are painted. It is ready to display, without a frame.
No longer available

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