Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cardinal in Winter by Della Burgus

Winters in Iowa are long and cold, most days are gray and dreary. That is why God created Cardinals, and why they are able to withstand the ridiculously low temperatures and not migrate to Florida or other places south. Then He painted them (the guys, anyway) with the brightest red feathers He had. So we poor humans who somehow found ourselves in the deep freeze could endure one more day. Only God could have thought of that. And only God knows why I am still here when there are places with summer year around. Or other places with only a mild winter. But if I lived in one of those places, this would be just a pretty little bird, and not the touch of God...

Pastel on Wallis Paper, 6 x 9, matted to 11 x 14. Available through Art Helping Animals or by sending me an email.

Sorry, this painting has been sold. But be sure to check the Art Helping Animals blog for more great animal art.

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