Friday, January 23, 2009

To Live With Passion
by Della Burgus
Oil, 12 x 12
Shipping is free within the Unted States and Canada

20% will be donated to True Blue Animal Rescue

Oil painting on stretched, wrapped canvas, 12 x 12 x 3/4 inches. The painting is carried onto the edges of the canvas. All edges are painted and no staples show on the sides. This painting may be displayed without a frame, but it would also look beautiful in the frame of your choice.

Every now and then one of my friends will say, "Hey, Della, what's with all the white horses?"
Well, as with most things in my life, the answer is a bit complicated. On the one hand, I simply love horses, and especially love painting white horses. Love to paint them in different light, with different backgrounds and studying the reflection of different colors on their creamy white coats. At a deeper level, there is a spiritual connection there. They are to me a symbol of everything that is strong and pure and faithful, and whenever I am going through rough spots, or periods of growth, am disappointed in people or just plain overwhelmed, one of the ways I gain strength is by painting white horses.
Now, don't take this to mean that I love them more than brown or black horses, or dogs or cats, or any wild creature. Because all creatures, great and small, seem to bring me closer to God. I love them all. Each has its own gift and its own link to the Creator. But when I feel especially disconnected, I paint a white horse and see things more clearly.

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