Monday, April 28, 2008

Cavalier King Charles

Small CKC
Painting no longer available

A wonderful, sweet and happy breed of dog who always makes me smile. I first met one in person a couple of years ago at a dog show and just fell in love. Such a beautiful smile, soft fur and a loving spirit!

This little dog has a happy home and a loving family, but there are many dogs and cats who are not so blessed. There is a wonderful group of people who are talented and caring and want to use their talents to bless the creatures, great and small who need our help. The group is called Art Helping Animals, and a link to their website can be found on this blog. A percentage of all art sold is donated to the charity of their choice. They have done some really great work, and I am proud to be a part of it.

Remember that Scripture says, "Not a sparrow falls, that the Heavenly Father does not know..." and I believe those who do fall, will fall into His loving hands. But He has also given us the great privilege and joy of being His hands on earth, catching and holding some of His precious creatures so that they don't have to fall. He delights in giving second chances to all of us, whether we walk on two legs or four. Look around today, and see who you can keep from falling! You may be His agent to bring a second chance to somebody very special.

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