Monday, January 28, 2008

Brittany and Golden

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Two acrylic paintings on 8 x 10 canvas panels, canvas on board. The Brittany, left was listed on eBay Monday evening and will be on for a week. Golden Retriever will go off today. Dogs come in different shapes and sizes, and an infinite variety of temperaments. I have heard the Retriever described as "every day a party and he is the guest of honor." I have met a few like that. The Brittany looks very serious, but I know them to be fun loving and joyful when the occasion calls for it.

For my small-dog-lover collectors, I haven't abandoned you, (being a small dog lover myself also.) It's just that I like doing those paintings on 5 x 7 panels, and my local art supply store no longer carries them. Have some ordered, so I should be painting the "toys" again, soon!

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